Company review
Competitive intelligence, background check on a contractor or startup company
Molfar competitive intelligence agency performs due diligence for private equity transactions, counterparty background checks and corporate fraud investigations.

Molfar uses access to public records, insider information, profiles on companies within the specific market segment, information from social media and other publicly available sources. The company's services are confidential. Data is collected anonymously.

Molfar checks companies in Ukraine, CIS countries, USA, UK, China and Israel.
What is included in the companyreview:

  • Company history
    Finance, KPI
    Intellectual property
    C-level executives
    Clients and partners
    Compromising information
    Staff turnove

Estimated completion time:
Short, fast-track review - 1 working day. Full review - 3 weeks

$850 - $5100, depending on the urgency and the type of review