Competitive intelligence, pre-due diligence.

      Panning out gold dust since 2014


      Service types:

      • Person 

        Background checks, asset tracing, evidence search, undisclosed affiliations and conflicts of interest, press and social media.

      • Company

        Profiling & analysis, competitive pricing, benchmarking, due diligence, M&A support.

      • Market 

        Comparative analysis, opportunity assessment, entry research, scanning & monitoring.


      • 20

        Space, Military & Government

        Launch vehicle, rocket engine & satellite manufacturers, spaceport operators, EO & GIS analytics providers, components & services suppliers.

      • Click 1


        Mobile, desktop, Push, CTV, performance marketing, leadgen comparison, affiliate platforms, DSP, SSP, DMP, RTB, adware.

      • Gaming & Gambling

        Social & RMG, Casino, Forex, Betting, Lottery, Sweepstakes, Casual, AAA, MMO.

      • Media

        Online & print media, radio and TV.

      • Financial Services

        Venture capital, angel investment, payment processing, loans, cryptocurrency, personal finance management.


      • Ukraine

        Complete database access, insider info, custom interview options, company profiles available by niche. 

      • USA

        Comprehensive database access, insider info, custom interview options, company profiles available by niche. 

      • Russia

        Comprehensive database access, custom interview options. 

      • China

        Adequate database access.

      • Israel

        Adequate database access.

      About illustration

      About Us

      Molfars, also known as magicians and shamans among the Hutsul people of Western Ukraine. Divination always played a big role in Molfars’ work. Anything can be used as a tool for divination, like plants, shells, water, stones, or wax. People would come to Molfars with questions and diviners would read signs, symbols, and narratives in the oracle objects. 
      Nowadays, Molfar is a synonym for a competitive intelligence, OSINT, risk management, finding hidden connections between people and companies, due diligence and background checks. Need to be informed of competitors or new markets? Please, ask Molfar.

      Featured Clients


      "According to the results of the research, we refused to partner with an unreliable contractor due to fraud charges".

      Alex, Head of Legal at Affiliate CPA Network


      "Thanks, mister O. screening is very useful. We definitely stay away from this guy"

      John, Director of Business Development, Private aerospace firm


      Our company will go the extra mile to analyze your project down to every detail and offer a business solution that will meet your requirements.


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